Bridging the gap between theory and practice

by Shannon Paul on September 21, 2008

Tweet Usually, the most recognized social media “experts” are not the people actually doing the work of implementing social media tools and helping build and maintain online communities; and that’s okay. The temptation is great for those who do the work to dismiss the popular experts as “out of touch” and for the popular experts [...]


Social -vs- Marketplace Motivation

by Shannon Paul on September 16, 2008

Tweet It’s nice to make money, but it’s better to be nice. With so much talk about ROI and investment and money, etc. you would think that’s all that human beings care about. As highly developed as our brains might be, most proof seems to indicate that we are highly illogical creatures. One of the [...]


Tweet If listening is the first step involved in engaging in social media. Sharing should be step two. If you own your own business or are involved in marketing or PR, you’re already creating content for your company or client. The next step is to make the content you already create easy to share in [...]


Making the case for social media in PR

by Shannon Paul on September 1, 2008

Tweet If you’re struggling to understand how social media changes the role of PR, rest assured you’re not alone. The best way I’ve found to explain social media to those who feel challenged and even threatened by new media is to break it down in terms of the long view: First, stop thinking about the [...]


Why listening is the first step in social media

by Shannon Paul on August 31, 2008

Tweet For anyone in PR, this should come as no surprise. Listening has always been the first step. Right? The first piece of career advice I received as a student interested in PR was that I should read the news every day in order to understand the news cycle in addition to learning who writes [...]


Tweet Departments of local governments aren’t usually thought of as early adopters when it comes to technology and social media, but one Washington, D.C. public department is hoping to use its new blog, Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with area university students to educate them about their rights to safe living conditions in off-campus [...]


Don’t be that guy

by Shannon Paul on August 17, 2008

Tweet We hear the phrase, “don’t be that guy,” a lot in social media circles, but there are a lot of those guys still running around trying to shout their message in an endless game of virtual whack-a-mole every time something pops up on their news alerts, in a blog post or Twitter stream when [...]


The perpetual myth of ROI

by Shannon Paul on August 1, 2008

Tweet Like everyone else, I have been stuck thinking about ways to tie social media for public relations directly to sales dollars. But, it finally occurred to me after some time that the numbers have always been fuzzy when it comes to proving any kind of ROI (return on investment) in public relations. The difficulty [...]


Tweet I recently put together a plan for a social media newsroom and think I may have stumbled on new way to add extra incentive for subscribers – the ability to give them special access to the information before it posts publicly. This may not be anything extremely new, and it may not make sense [...]


Tweet Check out Chris Brogan’s extremely comprehensive list of 50 ways marketers (he means PR people, too) can use social media to improve what they’re already doing. Although, they’re listed in no particular order of importance, here are the top 5: Add social bookmark links to your most important web pages and/or blog posts to [...]


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