How to Create Organizational Change to Support Social Media Integration for Business

by Shannon Paul on September 9, 2010


I gave a presentation last night to a great group of people up near Saginaw, Michigan who have started the local Great Lakes Bay area Social Media Club chapter. This is the thing I’ve been really thinking about trying to capture — not how to use any particular social tool, but how to go about getting the support to use them; how to think and communicate strategically so everyone understands, at least from a visceral level, what I am trying to accomplish by making room for social media.

Be Revolutionary: Creating change to support sustainable, strategic social media integration

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I realize there are probably several gaps in this presentation and I consider it a work in progress, but I would love your feedback in order to help others working and/or struggling, along this same path.

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September 9, 2010 Rachel Esterline


Thanks for coming out last night. Your presentation was great and we were happy you were able to stick around for a bit to meet our members.




September 10, 2010 Shannon Paul

Hey Rachel,
Thanks for organizing and asking me to speak. You have a great group up there!


September 10, 2010 Laura Crouse

Nice presentation Shannon. I agree with you regarding the need to convince and demonstrate the need to integrate a companies social media tools, using a well thought out strategy including goals as the guiding light. The companies I work with are all so eager to “get a Facebook page”, “get a blog”, “open a Twitter account” yet there is nothing connecting these all together. Most companies have large email databases and well designed websites yet fail to incorporate even the simpliest viral sharing techniques.

In my opinion, the need to properly implement a well constructed social media strategy, content strategy (and even the ability to optimize their social media content) will be the greatest need for marketers in 2011.


September 16, 2010 Raj | SEO PPC Blogger

I think after business have realized the importance of co-ordination inside the company structure to spread more about their business via social networks, they have started facilitating the exchange of communication and ideas across the internal staff audience more. What do you think?


September 17, 2010 cathy @ Dubai Hotels

Great presentation Shannon. Revolution can’t be brought in the organization by a specific group or management, it is a team work collectively that turn out in the form of success of the organization. That is why, not a single business can refuse the importance of social media in the success of business.


November 12, 2010 Table Pads

Its a great presentation regarding change in your organization to support social media integration.This is a powerful milestone in the maturation of new media and business.Social Media Marketing is exhilarating to behold as it evolves media from a broadcast platform to a sophisticated network of connections and rewarding engagement.


December 24, 2010 Internship China

I guess with the right tools and determination you could achieve your goals through social media.Flashmobs are rarely more than a dozen or so people. These connections and conversations take place using tools that are easy, occur in real time and remove traditional barriers like geography, and are also breaking lifestyle and social boundaries.


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