November 2008

Cultural immersion in 9 Steps For Social Media Tourists

by Shannon Paul on November 29, 2008

Tweet Lately, I’ve tried to stop thinking like a marketer, or a PR professional, and I’ve started thinking more like an anthropologist when it comes to reaching out to people in social networks. I haven’t completely done away with my marketer/PR hat and I’m not recommending you do away with yours either, since you’ll likely […]

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You could say that IF you were one of us

by Shannon Paul on November 24, 2008

Tweet I told myself I wasn’t going to chime in on the Motrin Moms marketing fiasco, but I just couldn’t help myself. However, rather than simply weighing in on whether or not I think the ad aimed at babywearing moms was offensive, I would rather examine how this marketing debacle validated the simple fact that […]

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Putting the "P" Back in PR

by Shannon Paul on November 19, 2008

Tweet It’s true, integrating social media into communication strategies puts the focus back on the public. It’s no longer just about the media. Last week I gave a presentation on social media to the Central Michigan chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (CMPRSA). I was the first speaker of the day, and I […]

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Comments are not ads

by Shannon Paul on November 12, 2008

Tweet Last weekend’s Podcamp Michigan was the first real experience I had giving a presentation about social media at an event like that, so I am very grateful to Mark Ijlal for the invitation and all the work he put into organizing Michigan’s first-ever Podcamp. In my last post I gave a brief overview of […]

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How to participate in social media without being THAT guy

by Shannon Paul on November 9, 2008

Tweet A few months ago, I wrote a post about that guy that seemed to resonate with a lot of people involved in social media. For those not familiar with the concept, that guy is generally someone who jumps into social media engagement with the sole purpose of broadcasting his (or her) message at everyone […]

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Technorati, are you listening?

by Shannon Paul on November 3, 2008

Tweet Nobody searches for blogs… okay, maybe not nobody, but only 6 percent of general blog readers say they ever use search engines to find new blog content and only 11 percent of frequent blog readers describe blog search engines as a tool for finding new blog content. That’s pretty close to nobody according to […]

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