Bridging the gap between theory and practice

by Shannon Paul on September 21, 2008

Tweet Usually, the most recognized social media “experts” are not the people actually doing the work of implementing social media tools and helping build and maintain online communities; and that’s okay. The temptation is great for those who do the work to dismiss the popular experts as “out of touch” and for the popular experts [...]


Social -vs- Marketplace Motivation

by Shannon Paul on September 16, 2008

Tweet It’s nice to make money, but it’s better to be nice. With so much talk about ROI and investment and money, etc. you would think that’s all that human beings care about. As highly developed as our brains might be, most proof seems to indicate that we are highly illogical creatures. One of the [...]


Tweet If listening is the first step involved in engaging in social media. Sharing should be step two. If you own your own business or are involved in marketing or PR, you’re already creating content for your company or client. The next step is to make the content you already create easy to share in [...]


Making the case for social media in PR

by Shannon Paul on September 1, 2008

Tweet If you’re struggling to understand how social media changes the role of PR, rest assured you’re not alone. The best way I’ve found to explain social media to those who feel challenged and even threatened by new media is to break it down in terms of the long view: First, stop thinking about the [...]