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What Happens When Breaking News Doesn't Come From the News

by Shannon Paul on September 1, 2009

Tweet [tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] It was a pretty exciting morning for me – one of the companies I work with at PEAK6 Online,, actually broke an important financial news story this morning on its site about increased margin requirements for a specialized type of investment called leveraged ETFs. If you’re curious, you can check out […]

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How Important is Having Social Media in Your Title?

by Shannon Paul on July 16, 2009

Having the words “social media” in one’s job title creates confusion in the workplace. Social media is not a vocation, but rather a set of tools and tactics to accomplish business goals.

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Resources for University 2.0

by Shannon Paul on February 2, 2009

Tweet Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to talk to a group of students in Dr. William Ward‘s class at Ferris State University about using social media tools in marketing research. Since visiting the class, I’ve been thinking a lot about how educators deal with the challenges of teaching students social media […]

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5 Very Official Tips for Building an Online Presence

by Shannon Paul on December 28, 2008

Tweet The other day Arik Hanson, someone I met recently on Twitter, asked me if I could provide 5 tips for cultivating an online presence. Now, with that in mind, please let me preface this by saying that in many ways, I feel like any kind of online presence I have began by accident. I […]

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The Tao of Social Media

by Shannon Paul on December 14, 2008

Tweet “Those who have no compassion have no wisdom. Knowledge, yes; cleverness, maybe; wisdom, no. A clever mind is not a heart. Knowledge doesn’t really care. Wisdom does.” The Tao of Pooh There was some recent controversy over whether a blogger’s disclosure as it pertains to professional affiliation is enough to garner trust with his […]

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Cultural immersion in 9 Steps For Social Media Tourists

by Shannon Paul on November 29, 2008

Tweet Lately, I’ve tried to stop thinking like a marketer, or a PR professional, and I’ve started thinking more like an anthropologist when it comes to reaching out to people in social networks. I haven’t completely done away with my marketer/PR hat and I’m not recommending you do away with yours either, since you’ll likely […]

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Six steps to Resume 2.0

by Shannon Paul on October 8, 2008

Tweet Even if a potential employer discovers you on LinkedIn, most of them will still ask you to send along your resume. In this scenario, sending my resume may seem silly, especially if you consider the additional information that LinkedIn profiles include that resumes don’t; like contacts in my professional network and recommendations from past […]

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