[tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] As much as I love immersing myself in data and appreciate the guidance and insight it provides, I can’t help but ask: how much research is too much? A Tale of Two Sodas In his book, “Obsessive Branding Disorder“, author Lucas Conley compares the launch of Coca Cola’s C2 with the success of [...]


In Defense of Social Media

by Shannon Paul on August 30, 2009

[tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] I admit it: I’ve shrugged off the idea that I have a personal brand, I’ve decried being labeled a “social media specialist” and my mood has seemed to dictate my level of involvement with any of this much more than any drive to achieve professional success. In some ways I feel badly about [...]


Sweet blog content makes business delicious

by Shannon Paul on March 29, 2009

Blogging done well has the power to engage, excite and evangelize people around a business or product like nothing else. When people talk about the power of social media engagement, they’re not talking about the results of requiring your sales staff to create profiles on LinkedIn — they’re referring to the amazing things that happen [...]


There. I said it. Should YOUR company blog? It depends. Should YOUR company have a Facebook page? It depends. Should YOUR company be on Twitter? It depends. If YOUR company IS on Twitter, should it be a person or a brand? It depends. ANYONE who says they know the answers to these questions without taking [...]


When it comes to pitching new ideas, or new business, do social media evangelists follow their own advice? Convincing businesses to use tools and strategies they barely understand can be challenging at best, even for the most respected social media experts. Before we even begin to have the dreaded ROI discussion, we often have to [...]


Social media and the art of seduction

by Shannon Paul on October 31, 2008

Don’t let anyone fool you. Companies want social media engagement, most just aren’t willing to do the internal work aimed at bringing down the barriers to transparency in order to make that happen. Most of us know someone that desperately longs to be in a relationship, yet they remain hopelessly single because they refuse to [...]


Free content makes money

by Shannon Paul on October 12, 2008

It may seem counterintuitive, but a growing body of evidence supports the argument that free content shared online leads to more people buying your stuff. In the music industry, this realization is finally beginning to take hold, showing even the most frugal bean counters that content distributed free of charge generates more revenue. For years, [...]


Money makes it news

by Shannon Paul on September 30, 2008

PR and social media types aren’t the only ones that get excited about numbers, dollars, profits and statistics. Everyone does. Let’s face it, money is always an attention getter. Money turns interesting anecdotes about business into something worthy of being called news.  A lot of companies interested in garnering attention from the business press want [...]