Tweet Social media engagement doesn’t always have to be fun, but it should be customer-centric. Rather than trying to be the life of every party on every social network, simply think about what customers and community stake-holders want from you and over deliver. Boring but Important Make sure your website is easy to navigate in [...]


Sweet blog content makes business delicious

by Shannon Paul on March 29, 2009

Tweet Blogging done well has the power to engage, excite and evangelize people around a business or product like nothing else. When people talk about the power of social media engagement, they’re not talking about the results of requiring your sales staff to create profiles on LinkedIn — they’re referring to the amazing things that [...]


5 Very Official Tips for Building an Online Presence

by Shannon Paul on December 28, 2008

Tweet The other day Arik Hanson, someone I met recently on Twitter, asked me if I could provide 5 tips for cultivating an online presence. Now, with that in mind, please let me preface this by saying that in many ways, I feel like any kind of online presence I have began by accident. I [...]


Tweet When it comes to pitching new ideas, or new business, do social media evangelists follow their own advice? Convincing businesses to use tools and strategies they barely understand can be challenging at best, even for the most respected social media experts. Before we even begin to have the dreaded ROI discussion, we often have [...]


Tweet Even though I am fairly immersed in all things social media, I still feel like a bit of an outsider. Only on extremely rare occasions do I find myself luxuriating in some fantastic conversation over coffee about promising new apps and blogs and the role of content marketing in PR, but I’m beginning to [...]


Tweet If listening is the first step involved in engaging in social media. Sharing should be step two. If you own your own business or are involved in marketing or PR, you’re already creating content for your company or client. The next step is to make the content you already create easy to share in [...]


Making the case for social media in PR

by Shannon Paul on September 1, 2008

Tweet If you’re struggling to understand how social media changes the role of PR, rest assured you’re not alone. The best way I’ve found to explain social media to those who feel challenged and even threatened by new media is to break it down in terms of the long view: First, stop thinking about the [...]


Why listening is the first step in social media

by Shannon Paul on August 31, 2008

Tweet For anyone in PR, this should come as no surprise. Listening has always been the first step. Right? The first piece of career advice I received as a student interested in PR was that I should read the news every day in order to understand the news cycle in addition to learning who writes [...]


Don’t be that guy

by Shannon Paul on August 17, 2008

Tweet We hear the phrase, “don’t be that guy,” a lot in social media circles, but there are a lot of those guys still running around trying to shout their message in an endless game of virtual whack-a-mole every time something pops up on their news alerts, in a blog post or Twitter stream when [...]