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If listening is the first step involved in engaging in social media. Sharing should be step two. If you own your own business or are involved in marketing or PR, you’re already creating content for your company or client. The next step is to make the content you already create easy to share in an [...]


More on the press release, brevity and coincidence

by Shannon Paul on June 29, 2008

Last week I wrote a post about writing better press releases, err, rather, things to avoid when writing a press release. Later in the week, Melissa Underwood wrote a post on about a new, online press release grader developed by internet marketing company HubSpot. The press release grader and I definitely agree on many [...]


Not all press releases are created equal

by Shannon Paul on June 25, 2008

The press release gets a bad rap, and many have been calling for the death of the press release for at least three years. Despite that fact, I still write and distribute a fair amount of press releases and people are still willing to pay me for this service. To be fair, I’m a proponent [...]