Media as an Ecosystem

by Shannon Paul on January 10, 2010

Tweet   Last week Dave Fleet got me thinking A LOT about how paid, earned and owned media can each be modeled as types of ecosystems. If you missed it, please go read his post and come back here to discuss — you’ll need to see what he’s working at here to get where I’m [...]


Tweet [tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] As much as I love immersing myself in data and appreciate the guidance and insight it provides, I can’t help but ask: how much research is too much? A Tale of Two Sodas In his book, “Obsessive Branding Disorder“, author Lucas Conley compares the launch of Coca Cola’s C2 with the success [...]


Don't Take This the Wrong Way

by Shannon Paul on September 7, 2009

Tweet [tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] Identifying and Responding to Criticism Even When it’s Dressed to Look Like Feedback Criticism and feedback are not synonyms. They each have very different meanings and implications and require a different approach if you’re responding in a professional capacity within the social web. Yes, feedback can be critical and it’s possible someone [...]


How Important is Having Social Media in Your Title?

by Shannon Paul on July 16, 2009

Having the words “social media” in one’s job title creates confusion in the workplace. Social media is not a vocation, but rather a set of tools and tactics to accomplish business goals.


Tweet What our fear of the stock market can teach us about resistance to social media integration Sounds crazy, I know. But, many of the same things that prevent businesses from getting social are the same things that prevent people from investing in the stock market. Maybe I’m oversimplifying things a bit, but I think [...]


Humanizing brands?

by Shannon Paul on April 19, 2009

Tweet To me, humanizing a business symbolizes aligning what it means to be a good human with what it means to be a good business, not just putting a face on an organization or dusting off the creative elements of an old brand, but emphasizing the importance of humanity within the institution. However, do any [...]


Mobile changes everything

by Shannon Paul on March 21, 2009

Tweet I participated in a panel discussion last week at SXSW Interactive that addressed some of the shortcomings of activity in social networks. One of those shortcomings we discussed was the inability of social network activity to translate into real world action. For instance, simply because someone adds a cause to his or her Facebook [...]


My definition of social marketing in 100 words or less

by Shannon Paul on February 18, 2009

Tweet Aaron Strout, a highly regarded social media marketer and all around smart guy, issued the social marketing challenge over on his blog: Define social marketing in 100 words or less. There were a lot of great (and humorous) entries, but he and his colleagues, aka the judges, selected the one I entered as the [...]


Tweet There. I said it. Should YOUR company blog? It depends. Should YOUR company have a Facebook page? It depends. Should YOUR company be on Twitter? It depends. If YOUR company IS on Twitter, should it be a person or a brand? It depends. ANYONE who says they know the answers to these questions without [...]


Why blogs matter

by Shannon Paul on January 24, 2009

Tweet Amazingly enough, I can’t tell you how many glazed over looks I still receive when I tell people that social media is not about how many networks you can list, nor is it about throwing up a profile on a social network like you did with your website 12 years ago. It’s not necessarily [...]


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