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Ken Burbary

My #blogmonday Contribution

by Shannon Paul on May 18, 2009

Mark Story tagged me in his #blogmonday post along with Jackie Peters and Jonathan Trenn in an effort to force us to dole out some link love to some “hidden gems” in the blogosphere. So, here are some gems you might not know about: Natasha Wescoat Natasha is an artist who does a great job [...]


7 random and weird things about me

by Shannon Paul on December 9, 2008

PR and marketing recruiter and social media goddess, Lindsay Olson, tagged me to be the next in line for this blog meme that says I need to outline seven random and weird things about myself for you to read. So, here it goes. 7 Random and Weird Things About Me I had two imaginary friends [...]


Comments are not ads

by Shannon Paul on November 12, 2008

Last weekend’s Podcamp Michigan was the first real experience I had giving a presentation about social media at an event like that, so I am very grateful to Mark Ijlal for the invitation and all the work he put into organizing Michigan’s first-ever Podcamp. In my last post I gave a brief overview of my [...]


Nice cans

by Shannon Paul on October 29, 2008

Since Pepsi decided to do something a little different by sending me some of their product with their newly redesigned logo, I decided to do something a little different, too. I opened the boxes sent by Pepsi with friends Ken Burbary and Craig Daitch and captured our discussion of the new logo and the impact [...]