Francois Gossieaux

Tweet In a recent customer satisfaction report popular sites like Facebook and YouTube fared worse than Wikipedia even though the majority of respondents admitted visiting the other social sites more often. Twitter was notably absent from the data, but (just a guess) may have been included in the “all others” category outside of those sites [...]


Tweet There. I said it. Should YOUR company blog? It depends. Should YOUR company have a Facebook page? It depends. Should YOUR company be on Twitter? It depends. If YOUR company IS on Twitter, should it be a person or a brand? It depends. ANYONE who says they know the answers to these questions without [...]


8 emerging social media best practices

by Shannon Paul on October 6, 2008

Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about social -vs- marketplace motivation based on a presentation from Francois Gossieaux and Lois Kelly from Beeline Labs. At that time I promised to return to their Tribalization of Business study and that’s exactly what I plan to do with this post. Beeline Labs’ Tribalization [...]