Tweet In a recent customer satisfaction report popular sites like Facebook and YouTube fared worse than Wikipedia even though the majority of respondents admitted visiting the other social sites more often. Twitter was notably absent from the data, but (just a guess) may have been included in the “all others” category outside of those sites [...]


Tweet If you think the world is divided into two groups: those who “get” social media and those who don’t, you’re not ready to create change. You’re talking tactics, they’re talking strategy You’re talking output, they’re interested in outcomes You’re interested in social media for its own sake, they’re wondering how the activity will accrue [...]


An Open Letter to Companies on Facebook

by Shannon Paul on December 13, 2009

Tweet [tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] Dear Companies with Facebook Fan Pages, It’s not you, it’s me. If I’m your fan on Facebook, please know it says very little about whether you are doing a good job with your social media strategy, although this may very well be the case. Adding your page to my profile is more [...]


Tweet There. I said it. Should YOUR company blog? It depends. Should YOUR company have a Facebook page? It depends. Should YOUR company be on Twitter? It depends. If YOUR company IS on Twitter, should it be a person or a brand? It depends. ANYONE who says they know the answers to these questions without [...]


Tweet Different social networks appeal to different people for different reasons. The two obvious giants when it comes to social media are MySpace and Facebook. A user’s preference for either network may speak to the differences in many other interests and online behaviors, but determining exactly where the similarities and differences lie could mean the [...]


Tweet Even though I am fairly immersed in all things social media, I still feel like a bit of an outsider. Only on extremely rare occasions do I find myself luxuriating in some fantastic conversation over coffee about promising new apps and blogs and the role of content marketing in PR, but I’m beginning to [...]


Six steps to Resume 2.0

by Shannon Paul on October 8, 2008

Tweet Even if a potential employer discovers you on LinkedIn, most of them will still ask you to send along your resume. In this scenario, sending my resume may seem silly, especially if you consider the additional information that LinkedIn profiles include that resumes don’t; like contacts in my professional network and recommendations from past [...]


Tweet Departments of local governments aren’t usually thought of as early adopters when it comes to technology and social media, but one Washington, D.C. public department is hoping to use its new blog, Facebook and Twitter to build relationships with area university students to educate them about their rights to safe living conditions in off-campus [...]