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Resources for University 2.0

by Shannon Paul on February 2, 2009

Tweet Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to talk to a group of students in Dr. William Ward‘s class at Ferris State University about using social media tools in marketing research. Since visiting the class, I’ve been thinking a lot about how educators deal with the challenges of teaching students social media […]

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Why blogs matter

by Shannon Paul on January 24, 2009

Tweet Amazingly enough, I can’t tell you how many glazed over looks I still receive when I tell people that social media is not about how many networks you can list, nor is it about throwing up a profile on a social network like you did with your website 12 years ago. It’s not necessarily […]

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5 Very Official Tips for Building an Online Presence

by Shannon Paul on December 28, 2008

Tweet The other day Arik Hanson, someone I met recently on Twitter, asked me if I could provide 5 tips for cultivating an online presence. Now, with that in mind, please let me preface this by saying that in many ways, I feel like any kind of online presence I have began by accident. I […]

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