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Dave Fleet

Media as an Ecosystem

by Shannon Paul on January 10, 2010

[tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] Last week Dave Fleet got me thinking A LOT about how paid, earned and owned media can each be modeled as types of ecosystems. If you missed it, please go read his post and come back here to discuss — you’ll need to see what he’s working at here to get where I’m [...]


Ghostwriting has been a common practice in PR since its inception, but it has no place in a blog. I started thinking about this a lot recently after reading Beth Harte’s post on the subject and a subsequent conversation on Twitter with Dave Fleet. Ghostwriting — letters, announcements, speeches, memoirs, presentations became a way of [...]


Social media outreach is not a tool

by Shannon Paul on January 4, 2009

Since so many blogs have called for the death of everything from press releases to the PR industry-at-large and embargoes, I would like to jump on the bandwagon and begin 2009 by calling for the death of social media tools. Allow me to clarify: I am NOT calling for the death of social networks, or [...]