comment marketing

[tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] I’m only asking because I had a recent encounter with a site that proposed the company I work for do just that. For a little bit of background on the situation, OptionsHouse is an online brokerage owned by my employer, PEAK6 Online. OptionsHouse recently introduced some new pricing options in addition to the [...]


Don't Take This the Wrong Way

by Shannon Paul on September 7, 2009

[tweetmeme source=”@shannonpaul”] Identifying and Responding to Criticism Even When it’s Dressed to Look Like Feedback Criticism and feedback are not synonyms. They each have very different meanings and implications and require a different approach if you’re responding in a professional capacity within the social web. Yes, feedback can be critical and it’s possible someone will [...]


Comment Marketing for Beginners

by Shannon Paul on June 21, 2009

Yes, comment marketing is a real thing. If you’ve started listening to all the discussion in social networks and on blogs about your company and/or industry and you’re wondering what to do with all this new-found intelligence, comment marketing is a great place to start. Now, let me preface this by saying that most of [...]