I’m pretty easy to reach via email at shannonpaul5 at, or on my cell at 734-968-9065. However, if you prefer a more formal approach, feel free to fill out the form below.

Reasons you might want to contact me and how I might respond:

1. You want to ask me to speak about social media at your event.
Great – if my schedule is clear and it’s a good fit for me, I’m happy to oblige.

2. You want to send me a pitch.
I’m fine with PR pitches, but I don’t always respond. Please don’t get upset with me or think it’s because I don’t like you. Just like you and everyone else, I’m busy and I don’t necessarily write here to appease an editor and my deadlines are only internally driven. If you’re okay with that, please feel free to reach out. Also know that if your pitch is especially bad, I may pass it along to my friends for a laugh. Bad pitches teach me just as much about pitching as good pitches.

3. You read this blog and you never left a comment but you want to say hello.
These are my favorite – I’m always interested in hearing from people who read this blog. Say hello?

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