March 2009

Sweet blog content makes business delicious

by Shannon Paul on March 29, 2009

Tweet Blogging done well has the power to engage, excite and evangelize people around a business or product like nothing else. When people talk about the power of social media engagement, they’re not talking about the results of requiring your sales staff to create profiles on LinkedIn — they’re referring to the amazing things that […]

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Mobile changes everything

by Shannon Paul on March 21, 2009

Tweet I participated in a panel discussion last week at SXSW Interactive that addressed some of the shortcomings of activity in social networks. One of those shortcomings we discussed was the inability of social network activity to translate into real world action. For instance, simply because someone adds a cause to his or her Facebook […]

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Tweet The following is a guest post by Michael Gray. He helps companies with social media and blog projects. Michael has 10 years experience in web development and internet marketing projects, and speaks at numerous industry events and conferences throughout the year. You can read his unconventional blog at or visit his new website […]

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Where the fun's at

by Shannon Paul on March 11, 2009

Tweet True, I stole the title of this post from Jeremy Tanner, but I don’t think he’ll mind too much since we’re speaking on a panel together this weekend at the SXSW Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas along with Steve Swedler and Todd Huffman. How Social Networks are Killing the Revolution I know, there’s a […]

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Tweet Ghostwriting has been a common practice in PR since its inception, but it has no place in a blog. I started thinking about this a lot recently after reading Beth Harte’s post on the subject and a subsequent conversation on Twitter with Dave Fleet. Ghostwriting — letters, announcements, speeches, memoirs, presentations became a way […]

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