June 2008

Social media stunts don't work

by Shannon Paul on June 30, 2008

Tweet Why? Because you can’t fake community. If you want to manipulate me, you have to get to know me first and it helps if you seem to care about me, too… in addition to other worthy causes. I read about Verizon’s Twittering Teddy a couple of weeks ago in PRWeek and there were a […]

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More on the press release, brevity and coincidence

by Shannon Paul on June 29, 2008

Tweet Last week I wrote a post about writing better press releases, err, rather, things to avoid when writing a press release. Later in the week, Melissa Underwood wrote a post on Ragan.com about a new, online press release grader developed by internet marketing company HubSpot. The press release grader and I definitely agree on […]

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Not all press releases are created equal

by Shannon Paul on June 25, 2008

Tweet The press release gets a bad rap, and many have been calling for the death of the press release for at least three years. Despite that fact, I still write and distribute a fair amount of press releases and people are still willing to pay me for this service. To be fair, I’m a […]

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Tweet Our behaviors as consumers and individuals are often based on lies – not lies told by marketers and PR professionals, but on lies that we tell ourselves. Edward Bernays, considered the father of PR, understood this truth better than most, and unlike others, he was willing to explore the realities of how human behavior […]

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Marketing vs PR: What's the difference?

by Shannon Paul on June 15, 2008

Tweet A friend of mine asked that very question a few days ago and I realized that I hadn’t given the differences between the two areas very much thought.  Honestly, from what I understand, many of the elements of each job function are almost identical. In Marketing and PR, we focus on communicating the messages […]

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Tweet Before I started working in public relations, I never thought anyone would reject my ideas for being too creative. However, just a short time in the profession has taught me that great ideas are frequently rejected in favor of staid approaches to communications that never aim to improve company positioning. strengthen customer relationships or […]

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Are you a trailblazer?

by Shannon Paul on June 9, 2008

Tweet I was at a fundraiser last week where people were being honored as pioneers for the cause of diversity within the legal profession, and one of the presenters spoke about the qualities it takes to be what he referred to as a trailblazer. He said that trailblazers are only really special in their ability […]

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Be Interesting

by Shannon Paul on June 8, 2008

Tweet Back in my teens, I asked a very wise adult how to get boys to be interested in me and he replied, “be interesting”. Sure, there was more discussion to follow, but that’s the part I still remember. The best way I have found since then to be interesting is to be interested. Being […]

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