How is Being New to Twitter Different in 2010?

by Shannon Paul

Tweet I decided to write this simply because SO much has changed since I started using Twitter more than two years ago, and I can’t help thinking getting started must be different now than it was back then. It may be hard to believe, but back in 2008, the biggest celebrities using Twitter were Guy […]

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A New Role and a Return Home to Detroit

by Shannon Paul

recently accepted a new position as social media manager with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) — and that move means a return home to Detroit.

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What Most Online Metrics Won’t Show You

by Shannon Paul

Tweet For every person who leaves a comment or answers a survey or poll question, there are roughly 99 who do nothing in response — they don’t share, comment or link to your content from their blog. For most people online, social networking is still a spectator sport. We can definitely reason that the participation […]

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SAS Social Media Analytics Product Launch: Initial Thoughts

by Shannon Paul

Tweet At first glance, the just-launched SAS Social Media Analytics platform looks to be the most comprehensive, in-depth social media monitoring and analytics platform I’ve seen yet, but before I get too excited and discuss all the details, know that this platform is intended to be an enterprise solution. In other words, if your company […]

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Social Media and the C Level: It’s Not Them, It’s You

by Shannon Paul

Tweet If you think the world is divided into two groups: those who “get” social media and those who don’t, you’re not ready to create change. You’re talking tactics, they’re talking strategy You’re talking output, they’re interested in outcomes You’re interested in social media for its own sake, they’re wondering how the activity will accrue […]

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Video of Chicago Social Media Club Event at Morningstar, Inc.

by Shannon Paul

Tweet Last month I was part of a panel discussion for a Social Media Club Chicago event alongside Leslie Banks and Drew Metherd from Morningstar, Inc. The topic of the event was centered around how companies in the financial space are using social media — some of the challenges we face specifically in this industry. […]

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What Good Cop Bad Cop Can Teach You About Social Media Strategy

by Shannon Paul

Tweet You know the drill. Just about every buddy cop movie shows the two characters performing the good cop bad cop routine. Parents have even been known to use this same strategy when seeking a confession from their children when they suspect foul play. With good cop bad cop, one person approaches the suspect with […]

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Making the Introduction or Closing the Deal: How Do You Use Twitter?

by Shannon Paul

Tweet Someone recently invited me to participate in a social media conference in a DM (direct message) on Twitter. I said I would be interested, but would need to get approval from my employer and provided my email address in hopes I might use details provided to vet the opportunity. I never did receive an […]

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4 Things the Grateful Dead Can Teach You About Social Business

by Shannon Paul

Tweet It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate their music, the Grateful Dead might just provide one of the best case studies on fan cultivation and word of mouth marketing ever. Although their success pre-dates widespread use of the Internet and social media, the lack of tools and focus on people, passion and evangelism […]

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Shannon In Real Life

by Shannon Paul

Tweet This is just a quick post to let you in on a couple of the places where you’ll be able to find me in the coming weeks. Social Media Club Chicago I’ll be on a panel as a guest of the Chicago chapter of the Social Media Club next Thursday, February 22, 2010. The […]

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